Sunday, 26 April 2009

Living Life Vicariously

Irregular ramblings on my loose associations and brief encounters with the movers shakers and risk takers I secretly longed to be brave enough to emulate....but with whom I chose instead to discretely (for the most part) tag along for the ride.

We'll start at the beginning but thereafter will flit backwards and forwards as the mood or relevance suits, sharing one man's musings on both the glamorous and the (occasionally) mundane events and occasions I've experienced and spent with people far more interesting, more talented and more dangerous than I in my wildest dreams ever could be.

As I've never kept a diary, dates will be vague, but I hereby promise that though for literary purposes there may be some verbose embellishment, everything I write will be grounded in truth and be a report of a real event, encounter or relationship. Where available I'll reproduce souvenirs of the time, some very general, some very personal, which I trust will add to the tale be it tall or short.

Weekly. at least, I'd hope though I'm anticipating an initial surge of enthusiastic outpourings - feedback fair or foul welcomed.

Chris 17

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